Dedicated Proxies

  • Rotate Dedicated Proxies

    Free software with active dedicated proxies and services. You have free access to unique privacy software to rotate your proxies.

  • Secured Dedicated Proxies

    Our dedicated proxies are secure from the security issues found when using open public unsecured shared IP addresses.

  • Fast Dedicated Proxies

    Fast automatic dedicated proxies setup to get you connected within minutes using completely private & dedicated proxies.

  • Private Dedicated Proxies

    We don’t store your logs. We will respect your private data and we never store logs ever, for legitimate business usage only.

RotateiP Dedicated Proxies work with any browser or software!

Whether you are managing multiple accounts, posting ads for your office or surfing from an unsecured location: Instantly rotate private IP's and proxies. YES, it's compatible..

Dedicated proxiesRotate IP's

It's so simple, whether you need Facebook proxies or Craigslist proxies.

Dedicated proxies - private proxies.Private Logs

We never store logs or share your private data from any of your dedicated proxies.

Dedicated proxies - private proxy.Protect Privacy

Rotate your IP with private dedicated proxies in your browser or using our software.

Dedicated proxies - buy private proxy.Multiple Locations

We have all of the most popular requested private proxies in major cities.

RotateiP software rotates dedicated proxies.

Automatically schedule or rotate dedicated proxies on demand.

View more dedicated proxy packages and locations.

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