A Comparison: Free Vs. Cheap Proxies

An ongoing debate is visible on the internet and among its users, about Free Vs. Cheap Proxies. We believe, there is nothing to compare between the two. Yes! You will be able to maintain anonymity with free proxies, but it is not the only important parameter we have to consider. Let us compare the two as it will help us in building a better understanding towards this subject!

Cheap Proxies are Better than Free Ones


Free Proxies come with certain disadvantages. With these proxies, you cannot enjoy a reasonable bandwidth. Most of the times the user will not be granted with an option to pick a location. In addition to this, these proxies also come with a lot of advertisements and promotions. It is not an odd thing to end up with an infected PC after using such kind of a service.So, Cheap Proxies are way better than the cheap ones.

Cheap Proxies


Well, cheap proxies are much better than that of the free ones. Even the worst of them comes with some flexibility. As a user, you will be provided with a chance for choosing your desirable location. They charge you with a fee, and that is why free proxies don’t bombard you with advertisements.

Multiple Cheap Proxies

Cheap Proxies

The availability of switching options using a vendor`s application makes it possible for you, the achievement of particular business tasks without any disruption. At times, a marketer may find it valuable to switch between the proxies to deal with the services like Gmail and Facebook. Many proxy suppliers are offering built-in programs for one-click switching between the proxies and RatateIP one of the best available in town.


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