Benefits of using Proxy Server


RotateiP provides the best proxy servers that one person can manage but to better understand what we provide let us understand what a proxy is.

Proxy server

A proxy server is a computer system or a application that acts as a interpreter for requests from individuals seeking information from other servers. The individual then connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as files, information, web pages, or other resources that are available from a different server and the proxy server scans the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity. Proxies are made to add structure and incapacitate distributed systems. At the present most proxies are web proxies, facilitating access to content on the Internet providing anonymity and may be used to bypass IP address blockage.

Why are Proxy servers important?

Proxy servers are the need of the hour and it’s a important to have a proxy server of your own especially if you want it for your company. Now the question comes why do you need to buy one when there is free proxies server available online? The answer is simple free services are not always free they tweak your bandwidth speed and you have to view some ads while browsing the internet which can be really annoying. I will share some of the reasons to buy proxies rather than using free one:

  1. If you’re one of those companies or individuals who save the financial data of your clients or you on regular basis do the financial transaction, then a proxy is a must for you to hide from hackers.Proxy
  2. The proxy server can be used to view blocked websites in your region. If you’re school going student or an office worker, then also it can be used to view websites which are blocked by your school or office administration.
  3. On the internet there are various proxy sites which claim to provide you free proxy server, the main purpose of proxy is to hide user’s identity by hiding IP address but free proxies do not completely make you anonymous on the internet whereas premium proxies like proxies of, they provide you all the premium features with 100% anonymity and no one can able to trace your steps.

Proxy is a customer-driven website and our main motto is to provide our customers paramount services and if you’re a US citizen then we have a great news for you because now we have expanded our network to other locations and all the previously sold out proxies are available now on our websites. Our team will always be available to help you in any technical problem.


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