Best And Cheap Dedicated Proxies For Privacy

dedicated proxiesBest And Cheap Dedicated Proxies For Privacy

Dedicated proxies, proxy server, private proxies – these are the terms that you will usually come across when you are in the market looking for privacy while browsing the internet. You must, by now, know how much your security can be affected when your privacy is at stake. There are hackers looking for easy money and when you use your normal IP (the one provided by your ISP) when you browse the internet, your privacy is at stake. Each time you use your bank or email accounts, you are leaving your usernames and passwords for everyone to see. Through this, they will be able to access your account and make their own purchases with your money. If you have mobile alerts then probably you will know when somebody steals your money, but that can also be easily manipulated.

Dedicated proxies are far better than shared proxies

Since shared proxies are comparatively cheaper, many people are tempted by the prospect of going for shared proxies. But they have their own inherent flaws – One, there is no guarantee that you will really be protected. Two, you will have to suffer through slow connections because they are shared. When you buy dedicated proxies from a reliable provider, you don’t have to endure any of those. Your privacy is your right. So why compromise on it by going for low quality proxies.

Using dedicated proxies for SEO purposes

You must buy dedicated proxies for using SEO tools. Since your job is marketing, you might have to make use of various social networks to get across to your target segment. When you do this with the IP address provided by your ISP, there is every chance in the world for you to get banned. So it is advisable to buy dedicated proxies or private proxies. This is also perfect for office workers where a number of people constantly do social networking marketing from a single IP address. Since your IP keeps changing, nobody can track you.

Sensible choice of dedicated proxies from Rotate IP

We offer dedicated proxies for a number of US states and cities. You can visit our website to look at the different proxies we have for sale. We have Los Angeles IP, Buffalo, New York Dedicated IP, Orlando, Florida Dedicated IP, Phoenix Arizona Dedicated IP. So if you want dedicated proxies even if you are not from the USA, you can buy private proxies from us and pretend that you are accessing from the above mentioned US states. Of course, that is not all. You must visit our website to look at the rest of the dedicated IPs offered by us. Our proxies are safe and fast and provide you with all the anonymity required when you need privacy. Why do you have to waste your time with slow proxies that have no definitive purpose when you can easily opt for dedicated proxies from Rotate IP. We provide the best anonymous private proxies that money can buy.

And that’s not all, we provide IP rotation with dedicated proxies. Which means ,with our private proxy service, you can hide IP address in many different ways. Your IP address keeps changing at regular intervals.

We provide guaranteed privacy for our customers. Don’t wait, go for it now.


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