Best Dedicated Proxies To Hide My IP

dedicated proxiesBest Dedicated Proxies To Hide My IP

Did you know that each time you access the internet, you are displaying your personal IP to whoever who cares to know?¬† Did you know that with the help of this IP address, people can track you right up to your door? Sounds terrifying doesn’t it? To know that somebody is looking over your shoulders each time you check your bank account and email address is definitely not something you can live with. If you think that your privacy is at stake then you should do something about it. And that is why you should buy private proxies or dedicated proxies. When you buy proxy server, you are able to protect your identity effectively.

How dedicated proxies can hide IP address

Before you understand that, you need to know what an IP address is. IP address or Internet Protocol address is the unique identity given to you by your Internet Service Provider.  There are four sets of numbers divided by periods and each of these sets denotes a purpose. Your domain, subnetwork, network and host computer are denoted by these numbers. And anybody looking at these four sets will quickly know where you are from. This is what you need to hide and this is what the private proxy would help you do.

SEO experts, marketing analysts and social media marketing enthusiasts make use of dedicated proxies. It will not only give you privacy and safeguard your personal information, but you can also stay anonymous when you market your product/service.

Dedicated proxies can help you from falling victim to fraud

Haven’t you experienced an inbox filled with junk mails and spam at one point or the other? Though you have a separate folder for them these days, they can be pretty irritating. Buy private proxies and you don’t have to suffer through junk mails anymore. There are plenty of people out there with malicious intent. They will hack into your personal account and steal your information and use it for themselves. Through this way, they can steal your bank usernames and passwords. With dedicated proxies, you will be able to prevent that. Since your IP address cannot be tracked, nobody can steal your personal information too. It will also prevent other softwares from monitoring your web browsing habits. You never know where spywares are embedded and each time you visit a website, you are in danger. You can protect yourself from buying private proxies.

Have you seen pop-up ads that keep appearing at certain websites each time you click on something? With dedicated proxies, you can prevent that from happening too. Pop-up ads could be very disturbing to certain users and with private proxies, you don’t have to fight through those anymore.

When you buy dedicated proxies, you can:

  • Browse anonymously
  • Protect your privacy
  • Save yourself from pop-ads, junk mails and spam
  • Online marketing without getting your IP blocked
  • Complete protection from people with malicious intent

There are expensive proxies, but the price will give you a headache. Then there are cheap proxies whose low quality and poor performance will give you migraine. Rotate IP provides best rated affordable dedicated proxies and with commendable quality. Find out more by clicking here.


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