Best proxy servers to access blocked websites

Proxy servers

Nowadays Governments, Offices, Schools and even ISPs started to block few websites which are not relevant according to them. But in case you’re working on some office project or school assignment and you urgently required access to some websites which are blocked by your ISP or others then what would you do?

Well, today I’m going to answer this problem because I had confronted the same problem and after wandering I found a perfect solution after a long time on the internet. In few words, the answer to the difficult question is very simple which is Web Proxy. Now Searching Proxy sites which are reliable as well able to perform the required task somehow seem difficult to find. After spending many hours and money on bogus proxy servers which claim to provide you unsurpassed services but they provide you awful services.

Proxy serversrotate-ip-address-software

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to best free proxy server which will provide you best services and what they tell they provide too. Rotateip is one of the proxy servers which I came to know after spending hundreds of dollars on other paid services. provide features like Automatic advertisement removal, SSL security, hide your IP, management of cookies etc. They are best in this field I have been using their services for a year now and I am very satisfied with the services they provide. I am using their premium Plan but you can go with the free version of their web proxy too.

Proxy servers

With free services you can do everything but if your needs are more severe then, I recommend you to use their premium services. With their free versions you can easily access the blocked websites but with their premium services you will get all the premium features like encryption of data, same proxy use on multiple platforms and changing of IP address whenever you want to.


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