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Buy Dedicated Proxies Online

There are shared proxies and dedicated proxies, but have you heard about the other two kinds of private proxies? They are Socks 5 server and the HTTP server, both virtually doing the same thing, but operating in a different manner. Dedicated proxies can mask your IP address when you are visiting websites and this is where Socks and HTTPs come in. When you buy a proxy server, you can protect your true location and your identity. Internet-based crimes are rising and this is the only way to protect yourself from hackers and people who are sitting there are trying to monitor your web activities. You can easily buy private proxies online.

Socks and HTTP dedicated proxies

Socks5 servers, a circuit-level proxy is quite different from the normal proxies that you get to see around. When you buy socks server, you set up some sort of an IP tunnel that has a firewall in it. When you send the request to access any website, the firewall initiates the request. The protocol is also quite different from a normal proxy. When you activate a socks proxy server connection, the messages that you send are configured in the form of socks protocol. This server then listens to your request and sends it to the main/external server. Though the process sounds complicated, the actual method, as you can see when you buy dedicated proxies online would be very simple.

HTTP paid proxy servers, also called normal servers accepts your request, and then sends back the results. These private proxies work as little helpers to serve your purpose. In certain cases, you would need to buy private proxies that concede to Socks protocol because it can let you access websites that require authentication. Encrypted protocols can be cracked open with the help of Socks server.

Using dedicated proxies for business

You can buy private proxies for business purposes and bypass firewalls. Dedicated proxies provide security, accountability and reliability; hence, several small-to-large business enterprises look to buy a proxy server. In an office enterprise where speed and networking capabilities are important, paid private proxies can help your employees stay connected with clients at all times. The threat of your IP address being blocked by your ISP is also permanently solved. Dedicated proxies have caching function too, so they can pull a website from their cache load and save time.

Dedicated proxies from Rotate IP

Of course, there are plenty of proxy providers but when you buy paid proxy service, you have to get the best. Rotate IP is an elite paid proxy service that is rated as #1 in Best Affordable Private Proxies. Here are the reasons why:

  • You get 100% exclusive service; i.e. you never share your proxy service with anyone
  • Internet connection is amazingly fast
  • 100 Mbps dedicated lines for all proxies we well
  • Uptime is 99% and set up time, instant
  • Our proxies work 24*7
  • 100% security in paid proxy servers
  • Our dedicated proxies work with Proxifier, QIP, ICQ, Yahoo, Yahoo clients, Buyluxe and Paltalk

Buy fresh, new private proxies today to get your work done easily and to see quick success in your business.


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