Buy proxies for PVA Facebook accounts

A PVA Facebook account simply means a Facebook account that has been verified via a phone number (Phone Verified Account). Due to the ever-rising star of Facebook, there has been a constant and dire need for people to advertise on Facebook. This is where a PVA account comes to the rescue, unlike the non-PVA, with the PVA account you have added advantages like adding more friends. Simple logic should point out to you that having multiple PVA accounts will enable you to influence more users with your advertisement. But handling multiple accounts from the same IP address can make Facebook drop your PVA accounts like hot potatoes by banning and blocking them all. This is where proxies come to the rescue and the following points will tell you why you need to by proxies for PVA Facebook accounts

proxies Proxies enhances privacy and security when accessing your PVA Facebook accounts

When using proxies to manage your PVA accounts, you can be assured that your connections are secure. It is also worth noting that the privacy and security offered to you by the proxies makes it virtually impossible from getting hacked.

Proxies give your multiple IP addresses to access your PVA Facebook accounts

As stated earlier using the same IP address to manage your multiple PVA Facebook account will only result to your accounts being banned or blocked by Facebook. So, to prevent your PVA Facebook accounts from being blocked, you have to buy and use proxies to not only hide your identity but also give your multiple IP addresses so that you can smoothly manage your PVA Facebook accounts.

Proxies reduces your bandwidth usage when accessing your PVA Facebook Account

The cache property by proxies helps you to save your brandwith usage when accessing your PVA Facebook account. The cache saves the pages on the proxy provider; hence you don’t have to retrieve the page from the main server as the proxies’ provider already has it. This saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Proxies can speed up your browsing speed when surfing your PVA Facebook Accounts

Due to the Caching, you will find that at times your browsing will be faster when accessing your PVA Facebook accounts. This is due to the simple fact that the page you want to access is has been cached by the proxy server and you just retrieving it as opposed to accessing it from the main sever.


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