Free vs Inexpensive Proxies

dedicated proxiesFree vs Inexpensive Proxies

The thought of whether to get inexpensive proxies over cheap sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Why should you even be thinking about that when clearly the answer is to get free proxies, right? To you, it might seem like the best decision in the world. Free proxies for privacy and everything that proxies provide you with, sounds like a deal. But here’s where most mistakes happen. Free proxies are free, we already covered that. But what’s in it for the company? I mean free proxies for what, does the company get any revenue? The answer is yes. Free proxies companies are smarter than you think. They know how to reel you into a world full of ad after another. That’s where they get their revenue from. Advertising. It may seem as if it’s no big deal but really, it’s just annoying.

Inexpensive Proxies

At RotateiP, we don’t have ads. Meaning “annoying” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.  For a cheap price, once you buy our proxies, you’re all on your own. Complete and utter freedom, 100% privacy anonymity and fast connection performance, along with more beneficial factors you can find out about on our other blog posts. But for now, let’s focus on our free versus inexpensive comparison. Inexpensive proxies at RotateiP, do have your back. We are known to be protective towards your information as well as your identity. You may be all on your own, but that doesn’t stop the love from us to you. We’ll still make sure that you’re secured and that we are holding onto our half of the promise of keeping you safe. Free proxies don’t do that.

Free Proxies

So far, the information we gathered about free proxies is that the idea of your safety isn’t their number 1 priority. But rather, the money is from advertising. Meaning that you’re safety isn’t all that safe as you thought. Neither is your identity. Sometimes certain free proxies only allow you on certain sites with restrictions. And buying less restrictions is the only way around. Technically free proxies aren’t all that free and buying less restrictions is more than buying proxies at RotateiP. We care about your safety and satisfaction. Which is why we provide top of the line safety for a cheap price you won’t regret paying for. Start now and get your proxies for a really great price. No ads. No lagging. No poor performance.

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  • Outstanding and responsive customer support.
  • High speed: 100 Megabit connection speeds that provides fastest reliable connections.

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