Is It Safe To Choose Free Proxies When You Have Reliable Private Proxy?

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Is It Safe To Choose Free Proxies When You Have Reliable Private Proxy?

Do you wish to browse the net without worrying about somebody peeping over your shoulders (well, not literally, but figuratively)? Do you value your privacy, so nobody can access your location or hack your computer? If that is the case, then the best option would be to go for a private proxy. However, most people are tempted by the offer of free proxies because the term “free” is something they cannot resist.

Free proxy may not give you the service you desire when compared to private proxy

Though free proxy can give you access to your favorite sites without imposing restrictions, it may not be totally free. Nothing can be absolutely free in life and fees will be charged for this one too. Most people surfing the net wish for free passage and quick downloads and uploads. That may not be possible with free proxies. The service could be slow and you may have to wait your turn. The level of support you get for private proxy is remarkable, especially when you configure it from a reliable company. You do not get technical support when you use free ones.

Why private proxy is definitely reliable

With a private proxy, you can :

  • Hide and protect your identity
  • Surf net anonymously
  • Browse net faster
  • Stay protected from hackers who are fishing for unfortunate victims
  • No worries about network spies and insecure networks
  • Hide your location from your ISP
  • Access websites that were previously banned to you

With online security being the hottest topic among internet users, protecting privacy has been never more important. When you browse websites, your personal information is collected and stored, including your IP address, and most of the time you won’t even know it. Lack of online privacy can lead to your bank account and credit card information being hacked and large amounts of money stolen. You are addressing these concerns when you configure a private proxy in your browser. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t have to install anything on your computer when you buy an anonymous proxy. The proxy will be added on to your browser and hey presto, it begins to work.

How does a private proxy work?

Once you put in a request through your web browser, the anonymous proxy gets connected and it will mask your real IP. It will also filter traffic and the request sent by your computer will be manipulated. If anybody is tracking you, he will only see the proxy server’s IP address and not yours.  Private proxy does come with a price, but paying it is every cent worth it.

So private proxy is here to stay, complete with its ‘bells and whistles’. If you want to know more about how to make use of this service, you can click here. When you buy a private proxy, it is exclusively for you. However, once you discontinue the use of that proxy, it will be reassigned to a different user.


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