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Proxy servers

Well everyone feels reluctant to invest their monies in something which is also available in free on the internet like Web Proxy. There are many web proxy websites which give you free access to the internet but the word “free” always comes with a little flaw. Free proxy servers are very frail and an intruder can easily extract your financial data from any website. The free proxy servers claim to you to provide you 100% anonymity but in reality you might have to experience adverts while using the internet which can be infuriating if you’re doing some important task.

Free VS Paid Proxy Servers

Whereas paid service comes without any flaw and works without any issues they are stable. By paying a little amount you will get quality service with full anonymity because your IP address will be hidden by the server and you would be able to enjoy the internet without any infiltration of your internet bandwidth speed. While in free web proxies the speed of browsing and downloading gets reduced by the servers and you get low bandwidth speed while surfing the internet.

Free proxies can be used only on one device at a single time while paid proxies can be used on multiple devices with having all the premium features of web proxy on every device which we have discussed above. In the case of any technical issues, there will be a tech team always present for paid proxy servers while in free web proxy servers you have to find the solution of any technical problem by yourself. Free proxies always send malware to your systems while surfing on the internet initially you won’t see any problem but eventually virus will make your system slow whereas you don’t have to worry about viruses or any malware contagion in paid proxy servers.Proxy

Proxy servers are need of the hour and at we have many budget-friendly plans keeping in mind the basic requirement as well as standard one too from which you can opt best for you according to your needs and if you have any doubts or need any clarification please feel free to contact us.


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