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proxy server softwareProxy Server Software

As of lately, a majority of people are starting and have been using a proxy server software for more reasons than just one. The lists of purposes of a proxy server software is simple but helpful.


Purposes of A Proxy Server Software

A proxy server is important for many things. The software allows the action of hiding the IP address of the customer’s computer. Making you and the customer allowed to surf the internet anonymously. Security being one of the reasons for that. Due to the security, it makes it harder for sites to track you and your IP back. Another reason is the intention to speed up internet surfing. Clients will be able to get feedback directly from proxy server, it will be more quickly. To block sites that are undesired and to bypass security restrictions already explains it. You are your own boss when it comes to a proxy server software. You decide which sites you would like to block or to visit and bypass filters. You make your own rules. Which is why many desire our proxy server software.

Advantages of Our Proxy Server Software

There are many more advantages when it comes to our proxy server software. Fast connection, access to any website you wish to list, hide IP address, and it’s all for a very reasonable price.

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