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Fast and Reliable Proxies

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Fast and Reliable Proxies

What we have concluded from knowledge and experience on the topic of proxies is that, they are ideal for everyone’s everyday life. Work online, daily browsing – proxies are ideal for just that. But how is it that our proxies are more significant that free? Simple answer, free proxies are all apart of a facade. A facade in which doesn’t give you 100% security. Truth of the matter is that you won’t be able to have multiple IP addresses to rotate. That all leaves you unsafe and with your identity revealed to everyone interested in your information. But with us, we guarantee the opposite. Our proxies have high security on your information.

Why not free proxies?

Dedicated proxies

There are a lot of reasons to prefer inexpensive proxies over free. Way too many to win you over within a second. Free proxies aren’t all that, just yet another software to let you down. That’s the sad part. We’re sorry – NOT! Our inexpensive proxies are all the way reliable and we won’t let you down. It’s only a small amount of money for the software and yet, we still guarantee your safety. Even though free proxies don’t provide you will enough bandwidth and privacy, we still will. Private, faster, and safer. Our useful tool of a software will help guide you across the web, safe and sound. Yes, public proxies cannot protect your identity and or restrict you to a single account but that’s nothing to fret over when we’re here, always by your side. Easy to use and ready to go, our proxies will let you access banned sites or remain anonymous.

Useful, Safe, and Fast – that’s proxies for you.

So now we went through the basics of a small difference between free and cheap proxies. But we are at the end of this trip in discovering proxies. You choose where you’d like to go. Hopefully we’ll see you again, yet another satisfied customer of ours! Welcome to a web world like no other. A safe and private world that you’ll get to explore with absolutely no filters.

buy us proxies

  • US IPs from different sub-networks operated on multiple servers

Affordable Private Proxies

private proxies

Affordable Private Proxies

If you are not familiar with private proxies and how they are capable of providing you with many benefits, this is the right place to get informed! RotateiP offers the best service for private proxies and we are glad to do so. With fast and dedicated proxies, any legal business use can benefit from our product. We offer anything and everything that will satisfy you as our customer. Guarenteed!

Many uses for private proxies!

Let’s get one thing straight, with private proxies, you enter the world of anonymous and privacy. Private proxies help you in many ways more than one! Not only is your privacy and identity safe, you get to bypass filters, maintain good speed network, you’re safe from hackers, as well as your information online. So you see, private proxies are beneficial for you, as for thousands of people. Which is why private proxies are expanding throughout the U.S. Why not experience the good things in private proxies like everyone else? There is a lot more in store, especially for you. Private proxies aren’t just for personal use but also for business. For more information about business use and the importance of private proxies for that, read our recent article, here.

Stay secure with private proxies.

You get the drift and how well private proxies are compatible with your everyday life, don’t miss out. RotateiP provides the most fastest, affordable, private proxies. Our private proxies are not restricted on any site. Meaning web surfing to your hearts desire is not prohibited! Facebook, Twitter, youtube, and a lot more

RotateiP provides the fastest and reliable t proxies. Our proxies will work with any browser, software or major seo software. Our proxies are not restricted on any site in particular and in your work place. Popular websites like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and a lot more are able to be bypassed despite filters.

Premium Proxy Servers Made For Business

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Premium Proxy Servers Made For Business

Proxy servers in the industry world are very essential to owning a business. For SEO marketers, it can be very difficult when it all comes down to discovering the perfect solution for all SEO needs. So let me make this easier for you. Proxy servers are what you have been looking for all along because lets face it, most activities that is needed to be done for SEO companies, is very troubling alone.  What you needed is a very important tool – proxy servers.

Why go with proxy servers?

To discover the perfect solution for SEO needs – continue on reading. Like we had discussed earlier, the tool for success is very well what we have, just for you. To manage several clients on top of harvesting competitive data, protection is key. That is where proxy servers come into play. Proxy servers contain the ability to help block all information and out of sight away from hackers. Hackers who may want to steal informative data. As well as protection, to remain anonymous is yet another special factor that we can help you with. All research online and surfing time is unavailable for other eyes to see. Thanks to the help of proxy servers. When you are online, you can say that you are an online ghost. To define as to what an online ghost is, it is simply put, every action you do will not be seen by others. Talk about a great deal right there.

Are you ready for proxy servers to take over? I think so.

So, we discussed blocking hackers from valuable informative data, remaining anonymous, and staying protected. All of those factors can and will help you develop and deploy your marketing project. Overall, you can count on us and our proxy servers. Completely reliable and safe, unlike any other. You can accomplish many tasks quickly and satisfied with the outcome. Which would not be possible from a single static IP address. Are you ready to understand the true power of proxy servers?

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.

Dedicated Proxies

dedicated proxiesDedicated Proxies

For professionals who work online or for everyday internet users, dedicated proxies are the best option out there by far for 100% security. RotateIP’s software to be more specific. But why would one choose paid proxies over free? First of all, free proxies don’t provide you with 100% security. Second, the ability to give you more than one IP addresses to rotate does not exist when it comes to free proxies. With our dedicated proxies at RotateIP, we give you exactly what you need. Reliable and fast proxies. Which are secure and very safe!

Are Dedicated Proxies The Way To Go?

Dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxies are good for so many things. For starters, no hang ups. Which means that the proxies are up all day, every day. They are never down. Which free proxies do not provide.Dedicated proxies are much more safe, fast, and useful. Free proxies cannot protect your identity and give you access to more than one account. Unlike free proxies, we do provide you protection. Making it hard for hackers or anyone else for that matter to figure out who you are. We mask your identity. As for restriction, that word does not exist for us.

Advantages of Dedicated Proxies

One of the many advantages of dedicated proxies is the pure fact that it keeps you anonymous as you browse the web. As well as super fast connection. Dedicated proxies are also known to be able to bypass filters, allowing you to access every social media site you’d desire to go on. Proxies are meant for so many things!

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.



Anonymous Surfing With Proxies

proxiesAnonymous Surfing With Proxies

At RotateiP, we offer you services that you will become amazed by! Fast and dedicated. Our proxies are great for legal business use or just for average internet surfing. Here’s the thing, everything is and will remain anonymous. Your information, browsing history, etc. Our software is made for just that, to satisfy your needs by staying anonymous and having all information secure.

High Speed Proxies and More!

Our proxies have been ordered and accessed all across the globe! Our high speed connection, as well as our anonymous feature is what we are known for, amongst all of our other perks! We rotate your IP with a completely different one. As well as provide you with our dedicated software that also allows business, corporation, and organizations to secure your entire activity. Our highly privatized corporate networks allow you to employ seo proxies.

Stay Anonymous With Our Proxies.

Having private proxies masks your IP address. Allowing you to roam the web without worry of others tracking your everyday move as well as official sites. Our proxies will not allow your internet activity to be traced back to you. Feel safe yet? You should. We provide 24/7 support for our proxies.

RotateiP has the fastest and most reliable proxies out there by far! Our proxies will work with any browser. No restrictions whatsoever.

Dedicated Proxies Made For Social Media

dedicated proxiesDedicated Proxies Made For Social Media

Let’s get down to business. RotateiP is a software in which we provide you with dedicated proxies. The best dedicated proxies that can and will live up to your expectations. Our dedicated proxies support high-anonymity. Meaning that you can browse privately on the web-world. The dedicated proxies also support high-volume content posting from proxy-supporting automation tools. As well as high-performance web surfing from personalized systems. And when we as a business all about dedicated proxies are providing many beneficial advantages, why not share it with social media as well? Dedicated proxies will protect client accounts made by the decision of the social media marketing agency. That’s all apart of the good social media marketing plan.

Is Our Dedicated Proxies A Good Choice?

Dedicated proxies


Dedicated Proxies for social media

Why buy Dedicated Proxies for social media?

Here at RotateiP we offer the best dedicated proxies that support:

  • High-anonymity private browsing from top web browsers.
  • High-volume content posting from proxy-supporting automation tools.
  • High-performance web crawling from personalized systems.

Buy proxies for PVA Facebook accounts

A PVA Facebook account simply means a Facebook account that has been verified via a phone number (Phone Verified Account). Due to the ever-rising star of Facebook, there has been a constant and dire need for people to advertise on Facebook. This is where a PVA account comes to the rescue, unlike the non-PVA, with the PVA account you have added advantages like adding more friends. Simple logic should point out to you that having multiple PVA accounts will enable you to influence more users with your advertisement. But handling multiple accounts from the same IP address can make Facebook drop your PVA accounts like hot potatoes by banning and blocking them all. This is where proxies come to the rescue and the following points will tell you why you need to by proxies for PVA Facebook accounts

proxies Proxies enhances privacy and security when accessing your PVA Facebook accounts

When using proxies to manage your PVA accounts, you can be assured that your connections are secure. It is also worth noting that the privacy and security offered to you by the proxies makes it virtually impossible from getting hacked.

Proxies give your multiple IP addresses to access your PVA Facebook accounts

As stated earlier using the same IP address to manage your multiple PVA Facebook account will only result to your accounts being banned or blocked by Facebook. So, to prevent your PVA Facebook accounts from being blocked, you have to buy and use proxies to not only hide your identity but also give your multiple IP addresses so that you can smoothly manage your PVA Facebook accounts.

Proxies reduces your bandwidth usage when accessing your PVA Facebook Account

The cache property by proxies helps you to save your brandwith usage when accessing your PVA Facebook account. The cache saves the pages on the proxy provider; hence you don’t have to retrieve the page from the main server as the proxies’ provider already has it. This saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Proxies can speed up your browsing speed when surfing your PVA Facebook Accounts

Due to the Caching, you will find that at times your browsing will be faster when accessing your PVA Facebook accounts. This is due to the simple fact that the page you want to access is has been cached by the proxy server and you just retrieving it as opposed to accessing it from the main sever.

Why buy dedicated private proxies

There are many different types of proxies you can use to hide your Internet presence. The two commonly utilized kinds of proxies are the public proxies and the dedicated proxies. To find out which type of proxy best accommodates your needs, let’s check out the various pros and cons of each type and make our judgment at the end of this post.

Public Proxies: Are They Better than Dedicated Proxies?

A. Pros of Public Proxies

1. They’re FREE. No one can deny that it’s tempting to use public proxies because most of them, if not all, can be used for free. Wherever you are, you can use public proxy servers without giving away your credit card number or paying a few dollars to be able to access them. However, we all know that there’s nothing that’s absolutely free in this world. Well, let’s save the explanation when we get to the disadvantages.

2. They’re easy to use. With public proxies, you don’t have to know the port in order to use them. By default, the port would be “3128”, “80” or “8080.

B. Cons of Public Proxies

1. They’re not ABSOLUTELY FREE. There’s no such thing as free lunch; the same is true with free proxies. After a “squid proxy” is set up by an administrator, the said proxy will serve as a public proxy and become accessible to anyone, from anywhere, by default. The proxy only becomes like dedicated proxies when the administrator changes its settings to behave that way. So upon setup as a public proxy, many people would utilize it. The result? The proxy would eventually be overrun. Most of these free proxies are run by hackers, and that’s the highest price you have to pay for “free” public proxies.

2. They’re very unreliable. As what was mentioned before, many public proxies are compromised by hackers. If not, these proxies are results of misconfigurations which belong to someone else.

3. No privacy! Thousands of people around the world use the same public proxy, so you can’t expect to enjoy the proxy on your own.

Dedicated Proxies: Are they Better than Public Proxies?

A. Pros of Dedicated Proxies

1. They have High Speed Connection. In this Internet era, most people want to have high speed connections while using proxies. If you’re one of them, then dedicated proxies are for you.

2. They’ve got 100% uptime. Dedicated proxies that are offered by RotateIP are up 24/7, so there’s no need to worry about hang ups regarding proxy usage. This makes dedicated proxies very reliable.

3. They’re highly secured. As you pay for dedicated proxy services, RotateIP makes sure your computer is safe all the time when you use our dedicated proxies. No bugs, no hackers, no hang ups.

B. Cons of Dedicated Proxies

You’ve got to pay for the service. Of course, if you have high speed connection, 100% uptime, high security and privacy, would it really hurt to pay for a real dedicated proxy service? It’s good to invest at something that will surely do its best to satisfy your Internet surfing needs.
rotateip dedicated proxies

Are Dedicated Proxies Your Choice?

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of public proxies and dedicated proxies, you can choose what kind of proxy suits your needs.



buy cheap private proxies from RotateiP

Proxies and their function in the SEO industry seem to puzzle most people. This makes discovering the top provider to purchase private and dedicated proxies. Seeing as the majority of proxy providers seem to be run by non US companies many question their legitimacy. For SEO marketers it also can become extremely difficult to discover the perfect solution for SEO needs. Let’s face it, most activities that go along with proxies can be questionable but are a much needed tool for SEO companies managing several clients and need to harvest competitive data.

Buy cheap private proxies from RotateiP and download our free RotateiP software to help yo

We have personally tested and used every proxy competitor out there and have run a comparison test to put any confusion to rest. Many providers are using banned or blacklisted IPs with very long delays in customer responses. With RotateiP we can help you develop and deploy your marketing project. Buy cheap private proxies with reliable customer support you can count on.

Why Private Proxies are need and why we they are a required service for important SEO tasks:

The private proxy industry has exploded in recent years and many fly by night proxy providers have popped up recently.

That is the magnificence of dedicated or private proxies is that you can accomplish many tasks quickly and you can do things you would otherwise would not be able to achieve from a single static IP address. Proxies allow SEO companies and internet marketers to scale out large data requests for competitive analysis and multiple searches or registering numerous client accounts that require the account to be registered from different locations, thus making the users IP addresss seem more unique. Here at RotateiP you can buy cheap private proxies for your SEO needs.

In actuality though, SEO and internet marketers require huge amounts of data to compete in a highly competitive space.

Buy cheap private proxies with fast and reliable service with

The uses for dedicated proxies are quite vast but have some core uses that make them an essential service for SEO companies, these are the main purposes:

  • Harvesting data from search engines.