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Fast and Reliable Proxies

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Fast and Reliable Proxies

What we have concluded from knowledge and experience on the topic of proxies is that, they are ideal for everyone’s everyday life. Work online, daily browsing – proxies are ideal for just that. But how is it that our proxies are more significant that free? Simple answer, free proxies are all apart of a facade. A facade in which doesn’t give you 100% security. Truth of the matter is that you won’t be able to have multiple IP addresses to rotate. That all leaves you unsafe and with your identity revealed to everyone interested in your information. But with us, we guarantee the opposite. Our proxies have high security on your information.

Why not free proxies?

Dedicated proxies

There are a lot of reasons to prefer inexpensive proxies over free. Way too many to win you over within a second. Free proxies aren’t all that, just yet another software to let you down. That’s the sad part. We’re sorry – NOT! Our inexpensive proxies are all the way reliable and we won’t let you down. It’s only a small amount of money for the software and yet, we still guarantee your safety. Even though free proxies don’t provide you will enough bandwidth and privacy, we still will. Private, faster, and safer. Our useful tool of a software will help guide you across the web, safe and sound. Yes, public proxies cannot protect your identity and or restrict you to a single account but that’s nothing to fret over when we’re here, always by your side. Easy to use and ready to go, our proxies will let you access banned sites or remain anonymous.

Useful, Safe, and Fast – that’s proxies for you.

So now we went through the basics of a small difference between free and cheap proxies. But we are at the end of this trip in discovering proxies. You choose where you’d like to go. Hopefully we’ll see you again, yet another satisfied customer of ours! Welcome to a web world like no other. A safe and private world that you’ll get to explore with absolutely no filters.

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Dedicated Proxies

dedicated proxiesDedicated Proxies

For professionals who work online or for everyday internet users, dedicated proxies are the best option out there by far for 100% security. RotateIP’s software to be more specific. But why would one choose paid proxies over free? First of all, free proxies don’t provide you with 100% security. Second, the ability to give you more than one IP addresses to rotate does not exist when it comes to free proxies. With our dedicated proxies at RotateIP, we give you exactly what you need. Reliable and fast proxies. Which are secure and very safe!

Are Dedicated Proxies The Way To Go?

Dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxies are good for so many things. For starters, no hang ups. Which means that the proxies are up all day, every day. They are never down. Which free proxies do not provide.Dedicated proxies are much more safe, fast, and useful. Free proxies cannot protect your identity and give you access to more than one account. Unlike free proxies, we do provide you protection. Making it hard for hackers or anyone else for that matter to figure out who you are. We mask your identity. As for restriction, that word does not exist for us.

Advantages of Dedicated Proxies

One of the many advantages of dedicated proxies is the pure fact that it keeps you anonymous as you browse the web. As well as super fast connection. Dedicated proxies are also known to be able to bypass filters, allowing you to access every social media site you’d desire to go on. Proxies are meant for so many things!

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.



Dedicated Proxies: Your Anonymity Partner

Credit cards. From household expenses, leisure, medication, house and car, and so on – credit cards are used in most of them. We actually use different credit cards for different type of expense. Wouldn’t it be nice if you use these cards yet provided identifications are actually false? This way you don’t have to worry about penalties; and most of all, payment. No one actually knows who you are and what your real address. Just like this, sometimes, we have a lot of reason to be anonymous. The same is true when using the Internet. Anonymity, such a privilege to have since it erases limits.

Dedicated Proxies for Every Browsing Need

As we all know, whenever you use internet you are identified thru your IP address. This IP address is your identification. Since the fight against piracy was set to another level, the country based restrictions were implemented strictly. Take in case of Youtube, we bet you experience wanting to watch a video clip and upon viewing it a message telling you that the video has been made not available to your country. Isn’t that unfair?

Using Dedicated Proxies

There actually many ways to resolve this. One of which is by using proxies. The idea of using a proxy starts from accessing the proxy with your real IP address then thru that proxy you surf the internet. Basically that’s it. But there are a lot of kinds of proxies as well. The functions applied by different proxies differ from one another and you may not get the complete anonymity you needed. The practical and best kind of proxy is dedicated proxies. The dedicated proxies simply hide your IP address completely making it not possible for web servers to detect your real location. Have you heard that you cannot use Facebook in China? That’s true if you’re using your own IP. But with Facebook proxies use Facebook anywhere.

Dedicated Proxies for Your SEO

To put dedicated proxies into another level of importance, We believe that SEOs or Search Engine Optimization companies needed a reliable software. As these SEO specialists like to do for a living, they flood search engines, social websites and interests forums with links promoting their product or service. Sounds easy, but that ain’t true. Since web traffic is monitored and spamming is just not allowed. SEO specialists need dedicated proxies to hide their identity, and more importantly to allow volume of posts using different IP addresses thru dedicated proxies. The idea is to have as many proxies you can to appear as many person you can be. This way your posts are treated coming from various people.

RotateIP Dedicated Proxies

dedicated proxiesThose points mentioned above shows how practical yet luxurious to have dedicated proxies; whether it’s for personal or business. We just won’t waste my time pointing you to dedicated proxy providers other than ROTATEIP. Simply put reputation above anything else. Not just the dedicated proxies are for your convenient use, but as well as the customer support you get having to purchase dedicated proxies from ROTATEIP. But that is just assurance, since ROTATEIP’s dedicated proxies are the most convenient dedicated proxies to configure as of today.

Dedicated Proxies: Your SEO Middleman

Imagine you have your middleman whenever you use the internet. This middleman is fast, reliable and anonymous. This middleman will give you everything you need; from doing your direct transactions between your trusted business partner, giving you privileges to social gathering, and lastly to giving your business protection; and more importantly, as you use this middleman, business transactions are consistently fast and secured; giving your reputation an extra boost. One company may refer to dedicated IP proxies to be its middleman.

Dedicated Proxies Helps in Internet Marketing

Buy dedicated proxiesToday internet traffic is at large. As the more traffic, more customers, more sales mindset is followed, SEO or search engine optimization companies thrives everyday in flooding the internet with links of their products. One of their strategies is using dedicated proxies. Selling products is easy- just reach your customers. But these good SEO companies redefined their access to internet thru the use of dedicated proxies. As mentioned earlier, these dedicated proxies are their middleman. One may think that the SEO specialist of this company is novice to the game, but that is wrong.

Dedicated Proxies and SEO

By having dedicated proxies, this company actually allows its seo specialist to use multiple proxies/ip addresses in doing his job. One maybe for Leads, the other for Key Account Partners, then the other for social media friends and tweeters – this is just sorting it by Business Partner type but it can be done by function as well. The SEO specialist is now given powerful tool and opportunity to promote the company’s products. And yeah, he’s not limited by country based authentications. Since dedicated proxies are configurable, one may set it up such that servers think that the connection is from a country which has better privileges.

Dedicated Proxies Secure You

The SEO specialist may flood the social website by himself too. Since he can use multiple ip addresses, he can actually answer his own question using a different ip address and account along with the product’s link. The server will never red-flag your connection since it treats you as different entities. That’s too much for deceiving the security. The examples above demonstrate the core advantages we associate with having dedicated proxies – cost efficiency, reliability, security and anonymity. It is never discouraged to use alternative such as VPNs or free dedicated proxies. The free dedicated proxies are fine just bear the following – since it’s free, it’s not actually dedicated. Speed is compromised due to large number of users, and so security is. VPNs are fine too at the expense of multitasking as these VPNs are built for single purpose or network. Buy now dedicated proxies to have the mentioned advantages for your company.

RotateIP Dedicated Proxies

Trust your dedicated proxies from ROTATE IP. As ROTATE IP promotes your business privacy, dedicated proxies in Nevada, New York and California (to name a few) are for your perusal. These dedicated proxies of ROTATE IP are completely compatible to Firefox, Opera and Chrome. With 99% up with 24×7 operation, this decision is a no brainer.

Buy Cheap Dedicated Proxies

Rotate IP with dedicated proxies.Buy Cheap Dedicated Proxies

Online marketing experts use dedicated proxies for keyword ranking. Read on to know why you must buy dedicated proxies or make use of private proxies online for keyword ranking.

You know that online marketing experts and SEO specialists use private proxies and dedicated proxies to do their online campaigns. This is because without the help of private proxies it is not possible to do marketing. Accessing social media accounts and creating different accounts through the same IP address could put you at risk of being banned by your ISP. However, you can do your marketing without any hitch with the help of dedicated proxies.

When you enter social media sites through a proxy IP, your real IP is never revealed. An integral part of marketing is to check the progress of your clients’ websites. You have to regularly check them with all the major search engines because keyword ranking is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Problems arise then.

Dedicated proxies can prevent Google blocks

There are softwares to check website ranking, but the problem arises when Google and all other search engines see all these automated queries. They will immediately block the requests thinking that it is some sort of mischief. If you are using the software in the manual mode, then the search engines will let the requests pass through. But that takes up a lot of time when compared to the automated mode.

This is one problem. The second one arises when you are accessing the page ranking of a website operating in a different country. If you are in India and your client’s website is US-oriented and operating in the US, then it is not possible to do keyword ranking there because you would only get results that are based on your country. Once you buy dedicated proxies, you can use those to access any website, irrespective of the geographical location. Through private proxies, you are able to hide your original IP and pretend that you are accessing from a US IP. There are US dedicated proxies that you can easily buy. Such dedicated proxies are available online. This would also be a great help when you have a client who want to run country-specific websites in different parts of the world. With dedicated proxies, you can access them all without any break in the connection and without any problems.

Buy cheap and dedicated proxies from reliable provider

In order to do your job with full dedication, it is imperative to buy dedicated proxies online from a reliable provider. RotateIP sells best rate affordable dedicated proxies. With these private proxies, you can effectively hide your IP, so your ISP will never guess that all the requests are coming from the same source. With RotateIP dedicated proxies, you can rotate your IP at certain pre-determined intervals. Even then, it is never the same IP. We have updated proxies that you can use to do keyword ranking with Google. Never go for shared or free proxies as Google has the ability to block those.

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Using Dedicated Proxies to Avoid Internet Tracking

Ever had that creepy feeling that someone you don’t know is watching over you? Well, all of us have a similar experience that somehow makes us feel a bit paranoid. This same feeling is not only present in the real world, but also in the virtual world. Businesses , organizations and even small groups and individuals are all capable of tracking your Internet activity. They use the mechanism of Internet tracking to watch over your activities online. Let’s learn more about Internet tracking and how you can fight it through using dedicated proxies.

Internet Tracking and Dedicated Proxies

Internet Tracking and Dedicated Proxies: What is Internet Tracking?

Internet tracking is a process wherein one party uses a virtual tracker that transfers text files to the target user’s computer.  Through Internet tracking, organizations are able to observe almost, if not all, every session of your web browsing. They can see your personal information from your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What’s worse is that there are companies that can use your personal information and properties (such as photos, videos, and music) for their own advantage. Others utilize Internet tracking to hack the computers of website owners.

Internet Tracking and Dedicated Proxies: How Tracking Works

There are two kinds of virtual tracking devices or programs that websites use. One type is the first-party tracker which works by secretly transferring text files to your computer. The first-party tracker allows the website to store information about your activities while browsing the website. Data from the forms you filled out as well as the items you placed in your online shopping cart are the most common data that are stored in the website memory. The second type includes the third-part tracker. These trackers have an unlimited reach when it comes to remembering user session history to the point that user privacy is violated.

When there is enough data, the tracker will be able to form a profile about the user. This is their source of information to suggest products and services that you are most likely to avail.

There are various technologies that websites use to improve the performance of their trackers. One of these is the beacon technology. Using a beacon, not only can websites track your site activity, but also your keystrokes. This means that they can see whatever you type on search boxes, comment sections, instant messages and even web-based system emails.

Internet Tracking and Dedicated Proxies: How Proxies Can Help

Proxies are very useful in preventing Internet trackers to hunt down your personal information and web session history. This is because your IP address remains hidden, so you browse the web with a different IP address. And no, we do not recommend using a public proxy to avoid Internet tracking. Dedicated proxies are the ones you should utilize when you want to browse the Internet anonymously and securely. RotateIP offers dedicated proxies that block Internet tracking mechanisms, enabling you to do whatever you want in a website without being tracked down. Learn more about our services here.