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Free vs Inexpensive Proxies

dedicated proxiesFree vs Inexpensive Proxies

The thought of whether to get inexpensive proxies over cheap sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Why should you even be thinking about that when clearly the answer is to get free proxies, right? To you, it might seem like the best decision in the world. Free proxies for privacy and everything that proxies provide you with, sounds like a deal. But here’s where most mistakes happen. Free proxies are free, we already covered that. But what’s in it for the company? I mean free proxies for what, does the company get any revenue? The answer is yes. Free proxies companies are smarter than you think. They know how to reel you into a world full of ad after another. That’s where they get their revenue from. Advertising. It may seem as if it’s no big deal but really, it’s just annoying.

Inexpensive Proxies

At RotateiP, we don’t have ads. Meaning “annoying” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.  For a cheap price, once you buy our proxies, you’re all on your own. Complete and utter freedom, 100% privacy anonymity and fast connection performance, along with more beneficial factors you can find out about on our other blog posts. But for now, let’s focus on our free versus inexpensive comparison. Inexpensive proxies at RotateiP, do have your back. We are known to be protective towards your information as well as your identity. You may be all on your own, but that doesn’t stop the love from us to you. We’ll still make sure that you’re secured and that we are holding onto our half of the promise of keeping you safe. Free proxies don’t do that.

Free Proxies

So far, the information we gathered about free proxies is that the idea of your safety isn’t their number 1 priority. But rather, the money is from advertising. Meaning that you’re safety isn’t all that safe as you thought. Neither is your identity. Sometimes certain free proxies only allow you on certain sites with restrictions. And buying less restrictions is the only way around. Technically free proxies aren’t all that free and buying less restrictions is more than buying proxies at RotateiP. We care about your safety and satisfaction. Which is why we provide top of the line safety for a cheap price you won’t regret paying for. Start now and get your proxies for a really great price. No ads. No lagging. No poor performance.

buy us proxies

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Dependable Proxies

dependable proxies

Dependable Proxies

One of the advantages of dependable proxies is privacy. Complete and utter privacy with zero intrusions whatsoever.Meaning that you as a customer get sustained anonymity. You get the ability to access any site with out any traces leading back to you. Your IP address and the reveal of the area which you are at is top secret. Dependable proxies like ours is made for people concerned about the lack of privacy they have. Proxies can change that in no time.

Privacy With Dependable Proxies

Dependable proxies are ideal for people who desire privacy and exploring the web with a wanting of no track of history. People such as those who own a business that is necessary to have personal proxies. 100% personal and securely private. Dependable proxies are also meant to guard your information, as well as community from various varieties of scammers and hackers. Keeping any information that you need safe, to actually be safe. So no worries about location, information, or personal details to be detained by others. Dependable proxies are meant to supply you securely.

Free Proxies Over Cheap Dependable Proxies?

Free proxies over cheap dependable proxies are asked by a majority to ourselves. What does paid proxies have that free don’t? Well there are a lot of things actually. Like we stated in the past two paragraphs, we provide you with 100% privacy and anonymity. With free proxies that isn’t always the case. Free proxies aren’t even free. To keep a free proxy business up and flowing, there must be some income coming to the business itself. Advertisements. Advertisements is a way in which free proxy companies get revenue. Meaning ads over ads over ads. It’s never ending. With our cheap dependable proxies, theres no need for that. You pay for the product, it is all on you. Freedom.


Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.

Are Paid Web Proxies Better?

web proxiesAre Paid Web Proxies Better?

One of the main questions received is whether or not free web proxies are better. The answer to the question is simple. Free web proxies aren’t the best in many ways more than one.

Here’s the thing, millions of internet marketers and normal internet users around the world try free web proxies. Web proxies are efficient for bypassing censorship filters along with online security. So it’s clear as to why they would go for free web proxies. It’s a 2-in-1 deal. But is it really a decent deal? Considering free web proxies are basically a manipulating, weak software – it isn’t. After analyzing free web proxies, both the privacy and security are unsecure. Making you a good target for hackers.

Stay Secure With Paid Web Proxies.

It’s more likely, while using free web proxies, for hackers to be able to get into your information without a problem! Login details, banking and credit card information will be able to be stolen and viewed by others. Are free web proxies still worth it?

Despite web proxies being free, the company behind them still gets profit. Advertisements are the techniques that free web proxy softwares use to monetize. Meaning random pop ups of advertisements that you could not care about will appear on your screen every minute or so. While with paid web proxies, we don’t do that.

More About Our Paid Web Proxies Software!

Once you buy our product, it’s all on you. You are in control. There’s no need to worry and hassle about on whether someone could possibly get ahold of your very own information! No ads, no worries. The important part of paid web proxies is that all of your information is secure. You remain anonymous and your information will be safe without a doubt!

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.


Proxies For Instagram

Proxies For InstagramProxies For Instagram

Since 2012, Instagram has been a widely used social network with roughly 700 million users world wide. It’s not only for high school teenagers keeping up with the newest trend. Since Instagram launched, marketers tried using Instagram as a platform with many succeeding. Now, so many marketers now use Instagram to advertise their products.

Part of those marketer’s success, they have had multiple accounts in order to monetize Instagram and get their product around. Creating many diversified accounts is key. Instagram can only allow a few Instagram accounts on one device. But with proxies for Instagram, you then bypass that rule, successfully managing multiple account profiles. Expand Proxies for Instagramyour business and buy proxies for Instagram. Get your product around, easier and cheaper. No need to rely on paying people to advertise your company when you can do it on your own!

Will Proxies For Instagram Have It’s Benefits?

Proxies for Instagram are necessary if you plan on managing multiple accounts.

It’s simple. You create an account and login; just like how you would normally. The only difference is you don’t risk having your accounts flagged and deleted. For business accounts, it’s best to be wise and buy proxies for Instagram. You have the advantage of bypassing the Instagram limit of accounts.

How Does Proxies For Instagram Work?

Proxies for Instagram and the whole idea around it is brilliant. Basically, the proxy will create it’s very own IP address that will be able to hide your real IP address. When you are ready to create your Instagram, Instagram won’t see that you are using a proxy. In fact, Instagram will see your login as a unique person. For each account equals to one proxy. Meaning the more accounts you created, the more proxies for Instagram that will be needed.

You can get as many as you want! And within a snap, those accounts will become simpler to monetize.

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.


Free Web Proxy

free web proxyFree Web Proxy

Protect your privacy by gaining anonymity. Faster speed, more security. As well as global access. Learn how to get connected from anywhere by using RotateiP. A free web proxy. And be able to bypass any and all filters. Our free web proxy is quick as lightning. A much more free way to change your IP address which allows the action of blocking sites and gaining anonymity on the web.


More On Our Free Web Proxy

To get more in depth with what we do for you here at RotateiP – we provide a free web proxy that easily gives you, as a customer, access to blocked websites. You can surf the web all you want with our free web proxy – anonymously! You can enjoy all the advantages of bypassing filters and becoming anonymous. Our free web proxy allows access to any website, whether it is blocked or not. Websites such as YouTube, FaceBook, and or Twitter. You get the advantage to decide which site you want to chose from without any doubts or worries in your mind. RotateiP has your back!


How Free Web Proxy Works

When you finally have the privilege to be able to access our free web proxies, they fetch the target site you wish to visit. It is then sent back to your web browser. Meaning that the target website is oblivious to your actual IP. You are now anonymous to the web world. Surf anonymously to your hearts content. With this free web proxy, you can access in just a click. With that one click, you automatically hide your IP dress, unblock banned sites, and protect

free web proxyyour own privacy! Our free web proxy is unlike any other.


Our dashboard allows you to request for a new individual proxy, or you can request to replace your entire list. Yet another benefit that we have made possible to offer our users!

Paid Proxy Or Free Proxy Server


Proxy servers

Well everyone feels reluctant to invest their monies in something which is also available in free on the internet like Web Proxy. There are many web proxy websites which give you free access to the internet but the word “free” always comes with a little flaw. Free proxy servers are very frail and an intruder can easily extract your financial data from any website. The free proxy servers claim to you to provide you 100% anonymity but in reality you might have to experience adverts while using the internet which can be infuriating if you’re doing some important task.

Free VS Paid Proxy Servers

Whereas paid service comes without any flaw and works without any issues they are stable. By paying a little amount you will get quality service with full anonymity because your IP address will be hidden by the server and you would be able to enjoy the internet without any infiltration of your internet bandwidth speed. While in free web proxies the speed of browsing and downloading gets reduced by the servers and you get low bandwidth speed while surfing the internet.

Free proxies can be used only on one device at a single time while paid proxies can be used on multiple devices with having all the premium features of web proxy on every device which we have discussed above. In the case of any technical issues, there will be a tech team always present for paid proxy servers while in free web proxy servers you have to find the solution of any technical problem by yourself. Free proxies always send malware to your systems while surfing on the internet initially you won’t see any problem but eventually virus will make your system slow whereas you don’t have to worry about viruses or any malware contagion in paid proxy servers.Proxy

Proxy servers are need of the hour and at we have many budget-friendly plans keeping in mind the basic requirement as well as standard one too from which you can opt best for you according to your needs and if you have any doubts or need any clarification please feel free to contact us.

Free proxy servers are not safe

DeleteFlashCookiesMILLIONS OF internet marketers and people all over the world have tried using free proxy services to bypass censorship filters, improve their online security. Some users use free proxies to access websites that aren’t available in their country. However, many online security experts have analyzed free proxies and the conclusion is the cost focusing free proxies is your their privacy and security.

Recent security research shows a majority of free open proxy servers actually route web traffic through an alternate computer network.

HTTPS is commonly used to encrypt your internet data and traffic that makes your activity difficult to intercept. However many open proxy servers often analyze your traffic and steal your logins.

Free proxies are also manipulating websites directly. A recent report shows that over 16% of free proxy servers change HTML and 8% modified websites’ JavaScript. In most cases, it has been found that free proxy servers inject advertising into website and in some severe cases some free proxy servers are cookie stealing.

Popularity Surge

Proxy usage has been growing exponentially over the years.

VPN services are also popular but many have found to be implementing botnets that are being used for criminal activities. VPN makes it particularly easy to manipulate data in order to steal login details, banking and credit cards. Some shady VPN service can turn a users PC into a denial-of-service botnet.

Unsecured foreign VPN service providers can use this as a way to infect millions of users and collect their data.

Finding Safe Alternatives like RotateiP

Trust a long standing trusted US paid proxy provider like RotateiP with business-class support with US technical support agents.

Buy Proxies for Instagram Accounts

Buy Proxies for Instagram AccountsInstagram has now become a widely used social networks around. Expert marketers are steadily looking for new ways and innovative methods to monetize this popular social network.

Seasoned internet marketers now have multiple avenues to montize Instagram. One of the various strategies in order to make money with the social network is to create many diversified profiles. In order to successfully manage multiple social account profiles marketers rely on dedicated proxies for Instagram. Expand your business and Buy Proxies for Instagram Accounts.

Start with Business Level Proxies

If you were managing just a single Instagram account, proxies are not really necessary.

You could essentially just create a new account and login normally. However, you run the risk of getting your account or all of your accounts flagged. If you need to run several Instagram accounts for legitimate business accounts you need to secure dedicated proxies. Instagram only allows e have one account, though, so you need to use proxies to get around the issue.

Real dedicated proxies are essentially its own unique IP address that allows you to mask your real IP address. Once you have located secure business level proxies, Instagram will see your login as a unique person.

It’s important that you assign a unique proxy IP address to each unique account. That means you need to buy and permanently assign one business proxy for each account that you have.

Fortunately, for seasoned marketers you can buy Instagram proxies in bulk and manage unlimited social network accounts. Due to recent changes IPV4 IP addresses are being phased out eventually and no new IPV4 addressees are being released. Here at RotateiP, we have well stocked our IP inventory years before this change so you can rest assured that we have the locations and all the IPs you need. We are adding an average of 20,000+ IP per month to our inventory before they are no longer available. You can get as many as you want. As a good rule of thumb you should but a new dedicated IP for each accounts and buy proxies for the future so you can create more accounts. The more accounts you create, the easier it will be for you to monetize your social profiles. Consider starting with 20 or so accounts, and then you can build up from there.

Selecting Profitable Niches

Once you have secured your dedicated proxies you can use for instagram, you’ll be ready to create your accounts. The goal is to find profitable niches. Go onto Instagram and see what people are most interested in. Then, create accounts around those niches.

For example, let’s say that you discover that people are really interested in beauty products and makeup. You would need to create one Instagram account for each niche.

Pick as many niches as you want, and then create a unique account for each niche.


A Comparison: Free Vs. Cheap Proxies

An ongoing debate is visible on the internet and among its users, about Free Vs. Cheap Proxies. We believe, there is nothing to compare between the two. Yes! You will be able to maintain anonymity with free proxies, but it is not the only important parameter we have to consider. Let us compare the two as it will help us in building a better understanding towards this subject!

Paid Proxy VS Free Proxy

When it comes to choosing between a paid proxy and free proxy, there are several factors you will have to consider. The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to both free and paid proxy. Once you weigh these advantages and disadvantages, you will be in a better position to select the proxy that will work best for you. Below are some of the merits and demerits of free and paid proxy

Paid ProxyAdvantages of paid proxy over free proxy

One of the best advantages of a paid proxy, that makes it stand out like a sore thumb is that it’s more stable and effective compared to free proxy. Though, paid proxy stability will be dependent on the payment you make and the type of the paid proxy, they are generally stable. This should be a telling factor, that if you are looking for a proxy that is to give you far-reaching results, go for paid proxies.

Another great advantage when it comes to using paid proxy is that, you are given an opportunity to select them by parameter i.e. their response time, region and access rate.

When it comes to security, paid proxy beats free proxy hands down. They are more secure because they are adequately maintained by their relevant providers

A Paid proxy is also very fast compared to a free proxy. The fact that you are paying for it should tell you that the provider strives to ensure that it’s fast so as to give you value for your money.

Advantages of free proxy over paid proxy

One of the most commonsensical advantages of a free proxy is that it is free. Though it gives you a chance to hide your virtual identity, it is not as secure as a paid proxy, needless to say you get value for what you have paid for, and with free proxy you pay nothing so you can complete the equation for the value you will get out of a free proxy.

Paid proxy; disadvantages

There are always two sides of a coin, and if something has advantages so it follows it will also have some disadvantages. For paid proxy, things are not any different; one of the main disadvantages is that you will have to pay for the services you get from it. And that should tell you if you want to have a proxy that will give you sparkling results then you also have to dig deeper in your pocket.

Free Proxy; disadvantages

Free proxy are generally slow compared to paid proxies and one of the factor contributing to this is that free proxies are mostly used by many people.

Another hazardous disadvantage when it comes to using a free proxy is that it leads to your PC being infected with crippling viruses. This could be because of their poor maintenance as nobody pays to use a free proxy.