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The Proxies Guide

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The Proxies Guide

Let’s get started with the basics. Proxies are capable of doing many, wondrous things. To dive deep into that information, let’s start with the fact that you become just another anonymous online web user. That means that everything you look up, ever, online will remain secure. Along with the sites you visit. Your identity is unknown and safe. So along with that, all information entered into your computer will be private. Proxies and their privacy characteristic are more known towards the business side of the web world. Clients information along with your own will stay in tact and unseen by any unwanted eyes. Have we caught your attention yet? Well, we just got started. Tighten your seat belts and enjoy the article, and or our proxies if you’re fully ready.

Dedicated Proxies vs. Free Proxy – Buyers Guide.

With so many options available from free proxies to dedicated proxies it can be hard to choose the right solutions.

With our dedicated vs. free proxies guide will help you determine the best proxy solutions.

Advantages of dedicated proxies:
1) Secure proxy access free of security issues like hackers attempting to exploit your logins.
2) Reliable access allows you to work effectively saving you hours of time from searching and filtering dead proxies daily.
3) Fast dedicated proxies allow you to connect to the Web and access any site.
4) Cost effective proxies allow you to manage your online activities reliably.
5) You can assign dedicated proxies to specific accounts for long-term good standing.
6) Avoid your online accounts from being red flagged for using public proxies.

Disadvantages of free proxies:
1) A major security threat to your network and online accounts.
2) Time consuming, free proxies take many hours to gather and test.
3) Slow access is generally associated with free proxies because many thousands of users are typically using them at any given time.
4) All of your efforts could be wiped out at any given time because free public proxies are generally associated with spam activities.
5) When you use free proxies you are essentially allowing an potentially harmful network open access to the Ports on your computer.

To sum up this guide, free proxies are typically problematic for most users because there is a price you will eventually pay by exposing your network to unknown and untrusted sources.

Dedicated proxies are predictable and have very reliable outcomes while free proxies can have unpredictable and problematic outcomes.

Serious businesses are highly recommended to go with dedicated proxies. We hope this guide has help you become aware of the many advantages of private paid dedicated proxies for business.