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Fast and Reliable Proxies

proxy servers

Fast and Reliable Proxies

What we have concluded from knowledge and experience on the topic of proxies is that, they are ideal for everyone’s everyday life. Work online, daily browsing – proxies are ideal for just that. But how is it that our proxies are more significant that free? Simple answer, free proxies are all apart of a facade. A facade in which doesn’t give you 100% security. Truth of the matter is that you won’t be able to have multiple IP addresses to rotate. That all leaves you unsafe and with your identity revealed to everyone interested in your information. But with us, we guarantee the opposite. Our proxies have high security on your information.

Why not free proxies?

Dedicated proxies

There are a lot of reasons to prefer inexpensive proxies over free. Way too many to win you over within a second. Free proxies aren’t all that, just yet another software to let you down. That’s the sad part. We’re sorry – NOT! Our inexpensive proxies are all the way reliable and we won’t let you down. It’s only a small amount of money for the software and yet, we still guarantee your safety. Even though free proxies don’t provide you will enough bandwidth and privacy, we still will. Private, faster, and safer. Our useful tool of a software will help guide you across the web, safe and sound. Yes, public proxies cannot protect your identity and or restrict you to a single account but that’s nothing to fret over when we’re here, always by your side. Easy to use and ready to go, our proxies will let you access banned sites or remain anonymous.

Useful, Safe, and Fast – that’s proxies for you.

So now we went through the basics of a small difference between free and cheap proxies. But we are at the end of this trip in discovering proxies. You choose where you’d like to go. Hopefully we’ll see you again, yet another satisfied customer of ours! Welcome to a web world like no other. A safe and private world that you’ll get to explore with absolutely no filters.

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Best Service for Proxies


proxiesBest Service for Proxies

At this very exact moment, thousands of people are browsing the internet, doing all daily activities. A majority of those people are aware of proxies. All have a proxy software for many reasons. To be 100% completely anonymous when online, to bypass filters – there’s a lot you don’t know about the proxy world. And we are about to teach you as to why proxies are a must nowadays.

The Functions of Proxies

The main function that proxies do is to act as a middlemen between the browser and the website. When allowing that request to send, you recieve responses that continue back-and-forth to backing users who are looking for resources on the website. One out of the many significant features of the proxies, is to provide liberation to users. How is that possible? Well, the users are now open to a world of anonymous. Meaning whatever is browsed is a secret. Only you will know what has been searched and no one else. With proxies, the top of the notch best performance is provided for you. As well as not being stopped by filters when desired to go on certain sites. Proxies has you covered.

Are proxies the answer you have been looking for?

RotateiP provides you with private proxies. Our proxies will keep you protected all the way. Protection when you search, protection when you download, whatever you do – you are protected. Live support, privacy enabled, high anonymity, high speed, fast servers, no content filtering, no ads. And there’s a ton more perks you’ll figure out soon. If you need the full protection of your IP addresses and enjoy the unlimited internet without any footraces then is a perfect solution.

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.

Dedicated Proxies

dedicated proxiesDedicated Proxies

For professionals who work online or for everyday internet users, dedicated proxies are the best option out there by far for 100% security. RotateIP’s software to be more specific. But why would one choose paid proxies over free? First of all, free proxies don’t provide you with 100% security. Second, the ability to give you more than one IP addresses to rotate does not exist when it comes to free proxies. With our dedicated proxies at RotateIP, we give you exactly what you need. Reliable and fast proxies. Which are secure and very safe!

Are Dedicated Proxies The Way To Go?

Dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxies are good for so many things. For starters, no hang ups. Which means that the proxies are up all day, every day. They are never down. Which free proxies do not provide.Dedicated proxies are much more safe, fast, and useful. Free proxies cannot protect your identity and give you access to more than one account. Unlike free proxies, we do provide you protection. Making it hard for hackers or anyone else for that matter to figure out who you are. We mask your identity. As for restriction, that word does not exist for us.

Advantages of Dedicated Proxies

One of the many advantages of dedicated proxies is the pure fact that it keeps you anonymous as you browse the web. As well as super fast connection. Dedicated proxies are also known to be able to bypass filters, allowing you to access every social media site you’d desire to go on. Proxies are meant for so many things!

Get proxies from many cities across the United States.
We provide proxy servers from all over the US that are will help you excel with managing multiple accounts. We have 100’s of thousands of proxies from major cities and countries. Click here to view our real-time inventory.



Browse internet Anonymously with Proxy Server

Proxy Server

In today’s world when our privacy is at pale because of different algorithms which are regularly coming in the internet market which can mitigate the annoyance for hackers and they can easily extract all the data only with our IP addresses. As the world is moving towards becoming tech savvy and embracing the new innovations which are coming on the market at a hProxy serverigh pace. We at is always trying to provide our customers best services and which must be worth of penny you spend for them.

Proxy Server

There are many options available at rotateip from where you can choose the best conferring to your requirements. Using of web proxies, dedicated servers are the only possible solution.The internet is full of free proxy server sites which are not completely either they will register you for their trial plan or you’ll get the proxies which will not satisfy your needs. Whereas provides you with all premium services without wasting your single penny invested. Our proxies and dedicated servers are competent to suffice your needs without making you feel infiltrated and you’ll enjoy your unlimited bandwidth without any filtration which is a common scenario with free proxy sites. So it’s always a recommended to buy web proxy according to your needs.

Proxy Server

Our basic plan of Web Proxy starts from $25 which provides you services like: hide my IP address, anonymous browsing, web proxies from different countries, the same Proxy Server can be used on different platforms without paying anything else, high bandwidth speed and many other extra benefits too. has a great support centre and our call to action includes our 24-7 ticket support system and we would love to help you!

Importance of a proxy in Internet Marketing

The main reasons why online marketers use proxy are:

How do proxy help internet marketersProxy provides anonymity of users

Anonymity is the fundamental reason why people and businesses use a proxy service. Proxies allow people to analyze the competition without the doubt of being traced via cookies or other methods. When all requests are connected through the use of proxy, the identity of the user is guaranteed hidden. Meaning, online marketers will be able to browse the website of its competitors without being determined by the latter. The anonymity in the internet is an important thing to the people or businesses who is trying to gain an access to a certain website which is restricted in their country or an internet marketer trying to prevent having their IP blocked from websites.

Proxy helps in the mass searches on Google and rank tracking tools

Rank tracking tools play a very extensive role in online marketing and SEO. They can help internet marketers to see their keyword rankings both on national and international search engines. When it comes to choosing the most adequate keywords, these tools are extremely important to increase more traffic to your website.

Mass searches on Google and to other search engines can come up as a potential Denial of Service attack to the search engines, which is a reason why proxy are so important. Internet marketers uses a proxy to mask their true identity and prevent their IP address to be restricted permanently to different search engines. By using a proxy service, it can be a good tool to accelerate keyword ranking reports.

Proxy helps in Web Scraping

Web Scraping is the process of accumulating data from certain websites. Internet marketers who are into this procedure has a more chance that a remote web server can restrict their computer’s IP address in accessing the website. With the use of proxy services, the internet marketer’s identity will be hidden and it is 100% guaranteed that there will be no chance for them getting blocked on any website they are getting data from. Proxy services can manage the user’s anonymity while scraping data which means that all possibilities of being blocked is removed.

Proxy can automate mass social media accounts

An internet marketer who manages numerous of social media accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter will end up making many requests for a number of accounts from the same IP address, which would be distinguished as an inappropriate activity by the sites. The most effective way to automate mass social media accounts without the uncertainty of getting your IP address blocked is to use multiple proxy services to come out as if all the activity is normal and appropriate.

Using Proxy to download files from the internet

Proxy to download files! You ponder over that phrase, maybe because it has never crossed your mind. What would prompt you to use a proxy to download files from the internet? There are several factors that can hinder you from downloading a file from the internet unless you use a proxy to download.

Why use proxy to download a file

Have you ever visited a video sharing site that enables users to upload files and also put geographical limitations on some of the videos they upload? Chances are you have visited some of these sites and probably you did not know that there was a geographical limitation to the access of some of the files in that particular site. A good example is You Tube. For the uninitiated a geographical limitation, limits people from a given geographical area, to not only lack access of viewing some of the files but are also denied access to download the files. All this can be taken care by using a proxy to download. It would be worth noting that if you are in black-listed geographical area, and cant access a file, using proxy to download is the only most apt option you can rely on. The dedicated proxy is the best proxy to use when you want to use a proxy to download.

How to use proxy to download

“Proxy to download”, should be the only thing buzzing in your head when you are visit a video sharing site and you are slapped with the message “This video is not available in your country” But how will proxy help you access a video that is not accessible for people living in your country? Proxy helps you by hiding you virtual identity. It gives a fake identity by hiding your internet protocol (IP). With the help of a proxy, you will be able to visit the site that gave you the message that the video was not available in your country, but this time around you will fool that site with the proxy. The site will not be able to decipher your real identity hence you can comfortably use the proxy to download.

Proxy to download; the best proxy to use

Speed is great factor when it comes to using a proxy to download. A good proxy should give you a fast downloading speed. It very important to choose your proxy wisely, dedicated proxies nevertheless are the best when it comes to using a proxy to download.