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Anonymity and Security, Proxy Style

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Anonymity and Security, Proxy Style

Let’s get down to business – a proxy server is both a need and a want by thousands. For a cheap price, what is provided to you by us is high security and anonymity. And those are just the basics. Want to find out more about proxy servers and more than just the basics that you can access with proxy servers? Give our software a try. Come back to us when you decided you’re ready to use our software officially. But for now, we’ll let you in on some of the details.


Stay Anonymous with Proxy Servers

One of the main reasons why so many admire proxy servers is all because proxy servers have an option to become anonymous. Your identity will be hidden as well as many other information that is significant towards you and your life. Your browsing history will also be safe from others to see. Unseen and unknown. Those two words describe the anonymous factor with proxy servers, in a more vague but understandable way. Everything you do will be unseen, and you will be unknown. What almost everyone wants, to have privacy.


Proxy Servers = Security

With that being said, being anonymous means extra security. Along with being unidentified and unknown by the public and your identity remaining sededicated proxy servercured, security comes along with the package. You are unknown by others mea
ing that it makes it so much harder for others to see other information. Others such as hackers. Oh yes, the people all computer geniuses and everyday computer users despise. Not to worry, with proxy servers, our software specifically will help prevent hackers rom ever getting to your information. Choose the right path with proxy servers, we promise you a world you will never not want to be apart of. Everything you do will stay anonymous and you will stay secured.


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Best Dedicated Proxies For Online Security

dedicated proxiesBest Dedicated Proxies For Online Security

While it is not possible to evade the importance of proxies in our day-to-day browsing lifestyle, there appears to be a doubt among people on whether they should go for dedicated proxies or shared proxies. Some people even go to the extent of using free proxies and then slapping their foreheads in regret. You know that certain things in life just cannot come free; you have to invest in them. Dedicated proxy is one such thing. If you want to stay protected while you browse, then you need to invest in them. Buy dedicated proxies if you are contemplating on free ones.

Dedicated Proxies Provide 100% Online Protection

If you are concerned about your online privacy when you are browsing, then dedicated proxies provide 100% security.  These private proxies are thus ideal for people interested in doing online marketing and other SEO activities. It will help you keep your identity anonymous because while doing social media marketing, you will naturally have to maintain several accounts. If you keep using these accounts and send mails through them, then there is a chance your IP could be blocked by your ISP. Why do you want to endure such a headache when the problem can be instantly solved with dedicated proxies? You can easily create multiple social media accounts and nobody will ever know that these accounts are accessed by the same person. All they will see is the proxy IP and that will keep changing each time the requests are sent to open these social media accounts. So your online security is guaranteed.

Free proxies, on the other hand will never provide you with the privacy they claim to give you. On the contrary, many of them are responsible for stealing your private information and selling them to other businesses who are looking for leads. And you will begin to get unwanted mails in your inbox.

Rotate IP has reliable dedicated proxies

Buy dedicated proxies from reliable providers to keep security issues away. RotateIP sells best-rated #1 private proxies that never lets you down. Our proxies are completely reliable. As we never keep logs of the websites you visit, you can expect us to protect your privacy, truly and honestly. Your private data remains safe with our dedicated proxies.

We provide different US locations with our dedicated proxies. You can choose from among a range of locations provided here. All you need to do is confirm your location while you choose a product and then place the order. The private proxy will be instantly set on your browser and you can start accessing right away. Our dedicated proxies are updated regularly, so you will never face a situation where your proxies are not doing their duty. If you have any queries, just contact our support team and it will be cleared within minutes.

Buy private proxies from RotateIP and enjoy an uptime of 99%. Use proxies with guaranteed quality and enjoy quality service. Our proxies are blazing fast, which is something you will not get with other proxies.