Why buy dedicated private proxies

There are many different types of proxies you can use to hide your Internet presence. The two commonly utilized kinds of proxies are the public proxies and the dedicated proxies. To find out which type of proxy best accommodates your needs, let’s check out the various pros and cons of each type and make our judgment at the end of this post.

Public Proxies: Are They Better than Dedicated Proxies?

A. Pros of Public Proxies

1. They’re FREE. No one can deny that it’s tempting to use public proxies because most of them, if not all, can be used for free. Wherever you are, you can use public proxy servers without giving away your credit card number or paying a few dollars to be able to access them. However, we all know that there’s nothing that’s absolutely free in this world. Well, let’s save the explanation when we get to the disadvantages.

2. They’re easy to use. With public proxies, you don’t have to know the port in order to use them. By default, the port would be “3128”, “80” or “8080.

B. Cons of Public Proxies

1. They’re not ABSOLUTELY FREE. There’s no such thing as free lunch; the same is true with free proxies. After a “squid proxy” is set up by an administrator, the said proxy will serve as a public proxy and become accessible to anyone, from anywhere, by default. The proxy only becomes like dedicated proxies when the administrator changes its settings to behave that way. So upon setup as a public proxy, many people would utilize it. The result? The proxy would eventually be overrun. Most of these free proxies are run by hackers, and that’s the highest price you have to pay for “free” public proxies.

2. They’re very unreliable. As what was mentioned before, many public proxies are compromised by hackers. If not, these proxies are results of misconfigurations which belong to someone else.

3. No privacy! Thousands of people around the world use the same public proxy, so you can’t expect to enjoy the proxy on your own.

Dedicated Proxies: Are they Better than Public Proxies?

A. Pros of Dedicated Proxies

1. They have High Speed Connection. In this Internet era, most people want to have high speed connections while using proxies. If you’re one of them, then dedicated proxies are for you.

2. They’ve got 100% uptime. Dedicated proxies that are offered by RotateIP are up 24/7, so there’s no need to worry about hang ups regarding proxy usage. This makes dedicated proxies very reliable.

3. They’re highly secured. As you pay for dedicated proxy services, RotateIP makes sure your computer is safe all the time when you use our dedicated proxies. No bugs, no hackers, no hang ups.

B. Cons of Dedicated Proxies

You’ve got to pay for the service. Of course, if you have high speed connection, 100% uptime, high security and privacy, would it really hurt to pay for a real dedicated proxy service? It’s good to invest at something that will surely do its best to satisfy your Internet surfing needs.
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Are Dedicated Proxies Your Choice?

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of public proxies and dedicated proxies, you can choose what kind of proxy suits your needs.




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